An initiative of:

Eco-Friendly Businesses



Apparel, Books and Gifts                                                                                     

Caliban Book Shop                                                                                                    410 S. Craig Street

Campus Book Store                                                                                                  3610 Fifth Avenue

Carlow University Book Store                                                                                   Grace Library

Carnegie Mellon University Bookstore                                                                       5032 Forbes Avenue

C.D. Wharehouse                                                                                                      3609 Forbes Avenue

Health Book Center                                                                                                  3527 Forbes Avenue

History Bead Trading Center                                                                                     406 S Craig

Irish Design Center                                                                                                   303 S. Craig

Maggie and Stella's Cards and Gifts                                                                          209 Oakland Avenue

New Balance Pittsburgh II                                                                                        3810 Forbes Avenue

Pitt Shop                                                                                                                   3939 Forbes Avenue

Selection Boutique                                                                                                    3604 Forbes Avenue

Snow Lion Imports                                                                                                   201 S. Craig St

The Book Center                                                                                                       4000 Fifth Avenue

Top Notch Art Centre                                                                                                411 S. Craig Street

Touch of Gold and Silver                                                                                           3800 Forbes Avenue


Personal Services                                                                                                 

Comfort Zone Day Spa                                                                                             3400 Fifth Avenue

Enrico's Hair Cutting for Men                                                                                    3516 Fifth Avenue

Medical Center Opticians                                                                                          3524 Fifth Avenue

Miller, Werrin and Gruendel                                                                                      3506 Fifth Avenue

Natural Choice                                                                                                          111 Meyran Avenue

Oakland Fashion Optical                                                                                           311 S. Craig

Peter's Optical Shoppe                                                                                              124 Oakland Avenue

Salvatore Puccini Hair Salon                                                                                     235 Atwood Street


                                                                                                                                 3611 Forbes Avenue


All Wireless Mart                                                                                                       3710 Fifth Avenue

Cartridge Outlet                                                                                                        3701 Forbes Avenue

Mail Smart                                                                                                                414 S. Craig St

Radio Shack                                                                                                              3606 Forbes Avenue

Sir Speedy                                                                                                                3614 Forbes Avenue

UPS Store

                                                                                                                                 3945 Forbes Avenue

Grocery, Pharmacy  and Convenience

Bombay Mart                                                                                                            326 Atwood Street

CVS Pharmacy                                                                                                          3440 Forbes Avenue

Hieber's Pharmacy                                                                                                    3500 Forbes Avenue

Market on Forbes IGA                                                                                               3609 Forbes Avenue

Merante's Groceria                                                                                                    3454 Bates Street

Rite Aid Pharmacies

                                                                                                                                 209 Atwood Street

Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee                                                                                  

Bruegger's Bagel Bakery                                                                                           3714 Forbes Avenue

Crazy Mocha                                                                                                             207 Oakland Avenue

Dave and Andy's Ice Cream                                                                                      207 Atwood Street

Five Guys' Burgers                                                                                                    117 S. Bouquet Street

Fuel and Fuddle                                                                                                        212 Oakland Avenue

Golden Palace Buffet                                                                                                 3607 Forbes Avenue

Hemmingway's                                                                                                         3911 Forbes Avenue

India Garden                                                                                                             328 Atwood Street

Jimmy John's Gourmet Subs                                                                                     3444 Forbes Avenue

Joe Mama's                                                                                                               3716 Forbes Avenue

Kiva Han                                                                                                                   3533 Forbes Avenue

Kiva Han                                                                                                                   420 S. Craig Street

Pamela's                                                                                                                   3703 Forbes Avenue

Panera Bread                                                                                                            3800 Forbes Avenue

Peter's Pub                                                                                                                116 Oakland Avenue

Pizza Roma                                                                                                               233 Atwood Street

Primanti's                                                                                                                  3803 Forbes Avenue

Rita's Italian Ice                                                                                                       3712 Fifth Avenue

Scuilli's Pizza                                                                                                            3404 Fifth Avenue

Souf Oakland Steaks                                                                                                219 Atwood Street

Spice Café                                                                                                                 328 Atwood Street

Spice Island Tea House                                                                                             253 Atwood Street

Starbucks Coffee Company                                                                                       3618 Forbes Avnue

Subway                                                                                                                     3707 Forbes Avenue

The Original Hot Dog Shop                                                                                       3901 Forbes Avenue

Vera Cruz                                                                                                                  3715 Forbes Avenue

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