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One third of all trash thrown away in the U.S. is packaging materials and less than 40 percent of it is recycled.  Every item we buy has been produced, packaged and transported by using water, fuel, and waste.  There really is something to that saying, “less is more,” so before you purchase, ask yourself if you really need it.


Every man, woman, and child throws away 532 pounds of packaging and containers a year and less than 40% of it is recycled.  Pay for the product, not the package.  Choose reusable packages – and reuse them. 

Count the number of times in one day that you see a stray plastic bag float through the air.  This “urban tumbleweed” blocks gutters, clogs sewers and waterways, entangles birds, and are swallowed by hundreds of thousands of whales, turtles, and other marine life.  Promote a healthy environment for all of us,  from here on out, take a reusable shopping bag every trip.

Go green with your packaging

Go green with your trash

Go green with your cleaners

Go green with your shopping bags



Go green with your office supplies

You have the power! So, ask questions when buying your next batch of office supplies or business cards.  Are recycled goods used and supplied?  Do some investigating and you can help create more demand for recycled goods while bringing down their cost.

Go green with your electric consumption

Leaving the lights on at the office can double your company’s energy bill and contribute to that 18 percent of carbon dioxide that commercial buildings spew into the air.  Don’t forget to turn them off before you head home.  Your boss will appreciate it.

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Many household cleaners and air fresheners emit toxic contaminants at levels that pose risks to our health.  Try a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, warm water, natural soap, and some good old fashioned elbow grease.  For tough stains try lemon juice, baking soda, borax, or vinegar.